Financial Planning

Financial planning begins with the articulation of goals, and the identification of risk exposures.  The process begins with a discussion of the things you care about.  What are your goals, and what will they cost?  Which of your goals are most important to you?  What risks do you face that could delay or prevent you from reaching your goals?  What can be done to reduce your risk?

While each situation is different, the goals of most individuals and couples can be expressed in terms of working/retirement, major purchases/sales, lifestyle aspirations, education, and legacy.  Is your current career/lifestyle satisfying, or are you considering a change?  To what lifestyle do you aspire in the near and distant future?  What major purchases (home, car, boat, etc.) or sales are you considering?  What educational expenses are you considering now or in the future? 

Each of us also faces our own uniqe risks, but the most common include illness, disability, death, property loss, poverty, and business or job loss.  Sound financial planning can make hardships less likely, while decreasing the financial impact of many more.  Risk is managed and your goals are pursued through insurance, savings, and investment strategies.